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Education Today
Education Today
For Education Leaders
Can tutors fill the skills gap?
Can tutors fill the skills gap?
Is this the way to fill the teaching skills gap? Teachers are hard to find, maths and science teachers more so, the reasons are many and taking the problem on requires some innovation around the way schools are staffed.
The Studee team
The Studee team
Studying overseas made easier with Studee Time spent in a university overseas underpins a global outlook but the process can be arcane, just how do you navigate an application to a uni that’s thousands of miles away? Well there's now a start up for that.
Building your evidence engine: Five evidence-informed strategies for promoting rich conversations with young children Acquisition of oral language development is one of the most remarkable and significant features of development across the early years. Strong oral language skills provide children with a platform to communicate effectively, and predict children’s success in formal classroom settings and life trajectories more broadly. Research from Australia and internationally has demonstrated that young children who are exposed to rich oral language environments, at home (Cartmill, 2013; Thorpe K., 2003) and in education settings (Chambers, 2016; Golinkoff, 2019; Holmes, 2019), have increased expressive language skills (use of words and construction of communications) and receptive language skills (knowledge of words and understanding of communication).
Dr Sandy Houen, Dr Sally Staton and Professor Karen Thorpe (University of Queensland) and Danielle Toon (Evidence for Learning).
The next generation of murderous students is graduating this year Can more be done to identify and re-socialise students who will potentially fall into the same trajectory as Martin Bryant?
Dr Neil MacNeill, Principal, Ellenbrook Primary School. Dr Steffan Silcox, Performance coach. Ray Boyd, Principal, West Beechboro Primary School.
Back to school financial relief for cash-short Vic families The cost of sending kids to school is rising fast, increasing by 13% over the last 12 months, placing financial pressure on families as children return to classrooms for 2020.  
Dancing towards a better school community Seven years into Hoppers Crossing Secondary College’s Story-Dance experience with Wakakirri there have been some noticeable changes at the school.
Most Oz students didn
Most Oz students didn't try at PISA
Most Australian students do not try on PISA Tests We make students do a lot of tests on top of their regular exams, the fact is that they could well be sick of it and are choosing to focus on the testing that effects them directly above programs like NAPLAN and PISA.
With Trevor Cobbold
Maths and science decline can be defused Another PISA and there’s another round of concern around how badly the students are doing at maths, there are future consequences, dire ones, a workforce lacking maths proficiency is at a severe disadvantage.
Pasi Sahlberg – devices and disadvantage behind poor performance Many western countries have seen a decline in student performance and leading academic Pasi Sahlberg says they all share a common factor, the introduction of digital devices.


Why teachers and kids should be moving, breathing and doing mindfulness activities throughout their day As we hurtle towards a new decade, how do we create classroom environments where nourished teachers nurture students to become capable, creative, critical thinkers while maintaining their mental health and wellbeing?
Beth Borowsky
Be Active Challenge increases activity A total of $50,000 has been awarded to 50 schools recognised for their outstanding achievement in this year’s South Australian Premier’s Be Active Challenge.
Using indigenous contexts to teach the Australian curriculum: science Science teachers can access a complete suite of resources from Foundation to Year 10 to support them in integrating the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Histories and Cultures cross-curriculum priority into Science subjects.
Free autism friendly Minecraft workshops Microsoft Store Sydney in partnership with Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), will run a series of free autism friendly Minecraft workshops at Microsoft Store for children aged 8 -14 years.
PeopleBench Appoints Chief Technology Officer Education workforce analytics and research company PeopleBench has appointed technology leader Peter Blyth to the position of Chief Technology Officer as it nears 100 subscriptions to its data-driven school benchmarking platform.
Party Higher Entertainment focuses on student wellbeing in schools – and it’s having powerful results Party Higher is a national wireless headphone entertainment company and the only silent disco company in Australia that specialises in silent disco for children and youth.
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